How to choose a quality chocolate candy packaging machine


How to choose a quality chocolate candy packaging machine

With the advancement of science and technology, products on the market are blooming. Chocolate candy packaging machine is also getting better and better, every seller on the market says their packaging machine is good, then I will take this automatic chocolate candy folding packaging machine as an example to tell you how to choose a chocolate packaging machine suitable for your own factory.

A fully automatic chocolate candy folding and packaging machine mainly suitable for chocolate, tablet sugar and other hardness can meet the requirements, and the electrical components must adopt standardized products that meet international standards to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of use.

The second is the degree of intelligent operation of the packaging machine, in the era of intelligence, the packaging machine should have fully automatic intelligent operation. A high-quality packaging machine should have automatic detection material conveying device, fault self-test device, bilingual setting, speed intelligent debugging, etc.

The core software and hardware used in the efficient and stable fully automated packaging machine should meet international inspection standards, such as high-efficiency servo motors and sensors.

According to the different market demand, high-quality packaging machines should freely adopt fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging methods according to different output requirements. For factories that use fully automated production, front-end production and back-end packaging should also be able to be combined into an assembly line to achieve fully automated operation of production and packaging. For factories with relatively small output, the production configuration does not reach the fully automated workshop, and the back-end packaging machine needs to run independently and take manual feeding to the conveyor for packaging.

The appearance design of high-quality fully automated packaging machines should not only be reasonable, but also have certain requirements for aesthetics. The material of the food packaging machine must meet the requirements of international food safety inspection standards, especially the contact with food part must use 304 stainless steel material. The processing of spare parts should be accurate to ensure that the machine runs smoothly and stably, and the surface of the parts should be smooth and tidy to avoid accidents during operation. The machine shall be labeled with a nameplate, indicating the body number, factory date, customs number, technical parameters, implementation standards, machine name, model, company name and logo.

Packaging machine with glue spraying device, the glue spraying material used should meet the safety and health requirements of food equipment, it is recommended to choose the packaging machine using the selected international famous brand glue spraying machine.

The packaging machine with the finishing machine for conveying materials, the steel of the finishing machine in contact with food is recommended to use 304 stainless steel, and the belt is recommended to meet the food safety requirements. The finishing machine should be controlled by the servo motor at the same time as the packaging machine, using a set of intelligent programs.

The above content is enough to show that this is a set of high-quality and efficient packaging machine, although there are many types of products on the market, but must first consider their own needs, combined with the above requirements, you can quickly and accurately find a packaging machine that meets its own requirements.

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