Get ready to welcome the March National Sugar and Wine Fair!!!


In the spring of March, flowers are full of flowers, food in Tianfu, drunken Rongcheng. The annual national sugar and wine commodity trade event is about to start, and this year is the 100th national food and wine fair, which must be extremely grand and wonderful.

Chengdu Shengli Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Strait Science and Technology Industrial Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, where the environment is beautiful and full of talents, and it will participate as usual this year. Unlike previous years, our preparations have begun earlier this year. The machine we will exhibit at the exhibition this time is the latest research and development and has been put on the market peanut chocolate packaging machine, this packaging machine from last year to this year has been very good market feedback, fast packaging speed, perfect packaging effect. Not only that, we have also prepared all types of prototypes in Wenjiang factory, and with the continuous development of the food and health products market, this year we also launched a pioneer product in the health care products market, which is sesame pill packaging machine. Since the launch of this product on the market, new and old customers are eager to try, and the customers who are in the front also have tearful feedback. It not only greatly saves production time and increases output, but also saves more costs for customers, making production technology and operation process more scientific and technological and modern.

We sincerely welcome every customer to visit the factory, and the sample machine has been prepared early in our production workshop, so that customers can use the sample to test the machine at that time. Not only that, we also provide customers with sample display area and rest area, special reception, teamwork not only to provide customers with the best solutions, but also to provide quality service, hope that every customer can feel at home.

All the staff of Shengli Machinery are waiting for your arrival!

Duration: March 21-23, 2019

Venue: Chengdu Western Expo City International Exhibition and Exhibition Center


Company address: No. 999, East Section of Kesheng Road, Strait Science and Technology Park, Wenjiang District, Chengdu


Keywords: Get ready to welcome the March National Sugar and Wine Fair!!!

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