Enterprise Culture

Business philosophy: The sea embraces all rivers and rivers, and there is tolerance

Leading technology, first-class quality, customer-oriented, service first. The cutting-edge technology and reliable quality are the foundation of Shengli for many years to be based in the world. The support and encouragement of customers has always been our driving force, pushing us towards a higher, faster, stronger direction of steady progress.

Humanistic concept: recruit talents and pay attention to training

As an international enterprise facing the world, Shengli attracts a wide range of professionals, innovation, and team spirit, to create and build a platform for the growth and progress of talents. Shengli believes that strong talent protection is the source of Shengli's enduring power.

R&d philosophy: Front-end design, advance with The Times

The front-end design concept and outstanding technical advantages are the most prominent features of Shengli all the time. We have excellent quality engineering design team, strong technical strength, in the overall project design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training, after-sales service and many other aspects have excellent comprehensive ability.

Production philosophy: rigorous and serious, step by step

Integrated production management mode, neat and clean production environment and orderly production process, to ensure high quality and efficient production. Product production from raw materials and accessories procurement to the whole machine assembly and commissioning, the whole process of strict online monitoring, to ensure that problems occur in time to discover and properly solve.

Sales philosophy: Tailored, the best solution

Shengli is good at combining customers' brand needs and customizing the most suitable products for customers according to their requirements for technology, quality, efficiency and cost. Shengli believes that only the production solution suitable for customer needs and actual situation is the best solution.

Service philosophy: Service first, timely reply

Our products have professional engineers to the production site for installation and commissioning, and provide long-term product technical support. We can also provide customers with part of the production process and formula for customer reference. At the same time, with the continuous update of product technology, we will regularly launch corresponding product upgrade services for customers. Shengli excellent after-sales service and perfect customer tracking mechanism over the years to win the majority of customers praise.

Focus on Quality

We are always strict with ourselves on quality first.
High quality and productivity have become the primary factors for us to establish a strong position in both domestic and foreign markets.

Unlimited Vision

Chengdu Shengli absorbs domestic and foreign advanced technology and personnel at the same time
And constantly getting inspired by our customers,
Have the courage to develop and innovate, so that our way forward open boundless.

Have a wide range

All kinds of products, sizes, formats,
All kinds of packaging machinery and food processing machinery, at the mercy of customer demand and choice.


Adapt to international customized production, help customers to analyze and solve actual production problems,
Improve production technology while meeting customer needs,
Enhance production capacity and expand production scope.